Sunday, 27 March 2011

A spreadsheet of fun!

The 30 Day Toddler Challenge is due to start on the 1st April, and so today I have been busy organising our itinerary. In Excel. With colour coordination and five separate columns (I'm going to add links to various venues for my own convenience later, of course. What sort of disorganised spreadsheet would it be otherwise?)

Two days of every week are taken up with a regular class at Gymboree, which the toddler adores. Weekends I've tried to organise with family days out rather than a mother-and-child outing, and the weekdays are split between indoor and outdoor activities so we can move things around if the weather fails to cooperate with my whims.

My aim is partly to make sure we shake off the winter hibernation, but also because we've been so busy with non-toddler-related things over the last few months that I want to devote a lot more of my time to showing her new things and reinforcing the ones she already knows. Lastly, I think it will be fun and I am looking forward to having fun with my daughter outside the house. There's a limited number of times I can read Put Me In The Zoo and we're rapidly approaching it; a few hours a day without the book will repair my enthusiasm for it. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, after all.

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