Saturday, 3 December 2011

Advent Calendar! Day Three

We are delighted to report that nobody has that horrible bug any more and so we got into today with great gusto. First, we had to tackle the charity donation we didn't manage yesterday. After some thought, we decided that the toys would be best dropped off at a charity shop for children's items and so off we went.

It was a long walk to the train.

but we saw a very interesting building site. A builder even waved at us.

Fascinating. Right?

I think these trousers might be on their last wearing.

We made it to the charity shop and gave the very nice lady our bag, then we stopped for lunch and came home for a long nap (toddler) and a lot of organising/tidying/covert Christmas organisation (mama). And once the toddler was up, we were onto today's activity: making cakes. The problem with that was that our kitchen is due to be ripped out on Monday so most of our supplies were boxed or otherwise hard to reach. No problem, instead of the planned fudge we made savoury muffins. The recipe comes from a very lovely friend of mine and here it is:

8oz self raising flour
2 oz almost melted butter
2 eggs
150ml milk

Throw it all in a bowl, mix until just combined, add grated or cubed cheese/courgette/carrot/ham/whatever else you have in and put into muffin cases and bake at about 170(F) for 15-20 mins. We added several handfuls of leftover grated cheese, I wanted to add some bacon but couldn't find the small frying pan and didn't want to wash the big one just to make it dirty again.

If my toddler was a bit older, I could have got her to do that bit. Word to the wise.

This is our mix. I can't embed the video of the toddler singing her mixing song for some reason. 

This is my Most Awesome Muffin Pan, oiled and floured.

And the finished product. Cheesy Animal Muffins!

The elephant was the toddler's favourite. She ate him as soon as she could nibble his tusks without wincing from the heat.

I think this lion is my favourite.

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