Friday, 8 April 2011

Day Eight: A Walk

Contrary Toddler slept through Gymboree this morning, so we took a walk this afternoon. Normally when we walk around the city centre it's because we have a destination in mind and although we stop and admire the same things every time we do it the destination is always in mind and we don't spend as much time as the toddler herself would like examining cracks in pavements and signs on walls. Today there was no destination; we just wandered and examined.

To put it in perspective, we probably walked about 800m today. We were out for just under two hours. There is not a crack or a cigarette butt or a puddle that did not get some sort of interested response, although none of them warmed my heart as much as the toddler's insistence on shouting, CARRRRRRR, every time we saw one (and we probably saw a couple of hundred of them, not to mention the vans, buses, trams, scooters, motorbikes, bicycles, lorries and wheelchair users she greeted similarly).

First we stopped to say hello to her headless friend. He freaks me out a bit, but she likes to hold his hand.

Then we played with the bakery's balloons.

Here's our nemesis.

The Green Man always drives away the mean Red Man and helps us cross the road. We always say thank you.

We peered into apartment hallways...

and shop windows...

admired graffiti

and road signs

And then we stopped to admire the greenery. It's not quite smelling the roses but the effect was much the same, if somewhat less fragrant.

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