Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Day Five: Gymboree

Today's been a hell of a day at Toddler Towers. Between a sad anniversary, the in-court end of a protracted legal case and a medical appointment and a half, we had a lot on our collective plates and so I cheated a bit and made the regular Gymboree class our sole outing. We're going out for dinner later with some friends, but I'm not sure that'll count.

Anyway, today's a Play and Learn class rather than her music class and the theme was pushing and pulling.

I pulled her up the slide on the lambskin and pushed her down. Most of these pictures turned out very blurry; lambskin makes for super fast sliding.

Climbing a foam mountain ...

Finding bubbles at the top! Something I like about Gymboree is that all the parents get very involved. That spare finger in the picture isn't mine, it belongs to someone else's Papa, and I love that everyone's always interacting with everyone else's kids.

This is the complicated business of descending Bubble Mountain after climbing one side. Pictured: Attempt 2. Attempt 1 wasn't as successful, although I suspect one could call it character-building.  

Parachute rides. Always awesome, especially when it's a sparsely-populated parachute.

It's been a hard day, today. I'm really glad we made time for brightly-coloured fun.

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