Saturday, 30 April 2011

Day Thirty: Photo Scavenger Hunt

Phew! My feet hurt. Today we joined in a photo scavenger hunt around the city, a team of six and a toddler all hell-bent on winning the trophy and the glory. Three teams to beat ...

Here;s our list ... we were doing fairly well from early on.

We stopped for a rendez-vous and a drink and the toddler went off to chat with some football fans.

And we stopped off at home to collect a few bonus photos. Like this one: Female in Heels. It's all going well...

... and then it wasn't.

Another one off the list: a team member playing on a swing.

And an elephant.

This was our very liberal interpretation of New Orleans.

And this the aftermath. The toddler didn't make it to the judging because she was so tired, but we won! We will be champions until the next time, when perhaps we will be champions again.

And with that, our thirty days is over. It has been a whole lot of fun and I think we'll continue the frequent outings - probably not to the same degree though; my feet are very sore and some days it's nice to hole up at home and not go outside. But I've learned a lot about a lot of stuff this month and would like the learning to continue.

So we'll keep blogging and if you want to keep checking in please do. Thank you for sharing our adventure.

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  1. Lovely Mummy, Papa and Toddler,
    I just wanted to let you know I have very much enjoyed reading of your exploits this past month.
    Thank you so much for sharing.
    Sami xx