Friday, 29 April 2011

Day Twenty-Nine: Wedding Party

There was a wedding today. You might have heard about it. The toddler and I were invited to a friend's house for a lovely party at a friend's house, so we were up bright and early putting on our party clothes and baking cookies. On arriving at the local train station we needed to grab a taxi to the house so we informed the driver where we needed. It's a small road off a small road off a smallish road and the driver wasn't sure where we were going - but the array of Union Jacks outside gave him a fairly broad hint and we arrived unscathed.

Amusing herself stealing from older boys.

And hogging the screen, the little monster.

This is as close as she's ever likely to get to Prince William. Although, funny story, her pushchair was given to us by a lovely friend who was at university with William and Kate and met him several times and her once. Two degrees of separation from the royal posterior to the toddler's.

She sat watching much more nicely with the boys than with boring Mama.

Why aren't you taking MY picture?

 And enjoying the aftermath wrangling a clothesline around the garden. Small pleasures.

What a lovely afternoon! We wish the happy couple all the very best and hope it is a long and happy marriage. Cynicism aside, it's a hell of a position to be in and much as I loved her dress I didn't envy Kate Catherine one bit.

It seems impossible to talk about the Royal Wedding without a mention of the toddler's great-grandmother, who passed away when Toddler was still Foetus. She was a fervent royalist and would have loved this whole event, and while I don't share her political leanings I was proud to join the party today (in my red, white and blue shoes) and was thinking of her the whole time.

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