Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Day Twelve: Birthday Party

Today's a very special day. Two extremely lovely babies of our acquaintance were born on this day one year ago and they very kindly invited us to their birthday party.

We were rather embarrassingly the first people to arrive, but fortunately the toddler insisted on climbing every step of the three flights herself, so by the time we made it to the top someone else was already halfway up the stairs.

By the time all the babies had arrived, there were eight of them in varying stages of mobility and mischief plus assorted parents and grandparents. It was a nice sort of bedlam.

Half the babies admiring the birthday girls' toys.

Their Daddy made these gorgeous mini burgers, and all the babies loved them. Their mummies did too.

Excellent birthday gift: a musical table!

We put the toddler's Bumbo chair into our basement as soon as she started shrieking in outrage every time she saw it. Apparently it now has some sort of retro appeal. It was quite entertaining watching her figuring out how to get back out of it, too.

Happy birthday, beautiful twin girls. We hope you had a lovely day and are very glad we were invited to share it.

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