Sunday, 24 April 2011

Day Twenty-Four: The Long Walk

We started off today with a trip to the hospital to visit Papa, who's doing much better now - well enough to be complaining vociferously about everything from the food to the roommates to the fact that when he requested to see a doctor the nurse told him he had to wait till the following morning. The roommates are probably just as objectionable as he says, but bringing a lively toddler into a room full of sick people is just asking for trouble so we took a tour of the admin waiting area (empty on a Sunday) and the garden. No pictures of the garden for no good reason. Sorry.

Empty waiting rooms make fantastic playgrounds.

But who is that lurking in the background?

It's post-op Papa!

Exploring a 3D wooden sculpture.

And another.

Sleeping through lunch.

Walking along the beautiful river.

Waking just in time to explore the market on the Praterinsel. But what's this?

THAT wasn't clear in the adverts! We decided against paying €10 to window shop.

And so we decided to go home and snuggle with the cat. Sometimes it's best to be at home, even if all the heart isn't there right now. We're doing our best.

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