Thursday, 28 April 2011

Day Twenty-Eight: Kindermuseum

Today was a weather-dependent sort of day again. It was a bit undecided in the morning so we went with the mostly-indoor option, the Kinder und Jugendmuseum. They have a smallish space with one exhibit at a time; the current one is all about transport options and since the toddler loves CARs so much that she shouts the word whenever she sees one we figured it was a winning strategy. And so it was:

Trying to find our house on a giant aerial map of the city - that's a magnifying glass she's not looking into.

Dress up clothes from the packing trunk next to Sir Edmund Hillary's reconstructed suitcase. Something's missing, though...

The shawl, that's it.

Newton's cradle kept her amused for a while.

But nothing held her interest like being pushed around on a wheely chair.

She loved driving the car despite several small boys' attempts to oust her. Sadly she hated the mechanic trolley to lie on and go look underneath.

Upstairs there was a large train set that had many kids and one determined Papa working flat out to try to assemble a fully operational track.

Helping ... they managed it eventually and when we left had started bickering over a branch line to nowhere.

This was on the way home, it's a wind up puppet troupe on a trolley. Wonderful fun.

I'm very, very excited about tomorrow. And Saturday. And Sunday.

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