Saturday, 2 April 2011

Day Two: Grocery Shopping

I'd planned a trip to the Englischer Garten this afternoon complete with Papa and a fresh bottle of bubble mixture. However, the toddler decided to forgo her nap and in the resulting chaos I decided that I'd photograph the grocery shopping trip in case we didn't make it to the park. Just as well really, it's already after 3pm and she's on the verge of collapsing.

Still, not only did we have fun, I got to document the ridiculous amount of free stuff a cute kid can get. So:

A chocolate bar from the owner of our local mini-supermarket. Nommed in the train with much chocolate around the face and hands. Thank you, kind supermarket guy. We like you.

We even had time for a game. The game is, I lift her feet with mine and she shakes me off when she gets bored. Fun, hey? Also, please note the summer shoes. It's gorgeous outside; I hope you're jealous.

At the Turkish market, we examined their wares and made a decision as to what looked tastiest.

I didn't like the look of the liver either.

Lo and behold, the meat counter man noticed and before we could say, How much is that? he'd handed over a freebie wiener. I think she looks a bit smug here. Still, thanks, Turkish butcher. You're very kind.

Next stop Lidl for milk and bread. Plus some other bits. We even bought a large pack of spaghetti for our next trip to see the deer.

Just checkin' out the sportswear while the minions are paying and packing.

We found a lion on the way home. He offered a fistbump; she declined. She is half English, after all.

 And our final freebie: three beautiful roses from the florist around the corner. Papa's holding them for her because she really, really needed that cup of milk. Thank you, florist. They're beautiful.

It's almost humbling to live in such a child-friendly city. Our errands took us two and a half hours because of all the people we stopped to say hello to and who stopped us to talk to her. And while we didn't get to the park with the bubbles and the running around, we still had a pretty good day.

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