Friday, 22 April 2011

Day Twenty-Two: Playground

The weather today is gorgeous and just about everything is closed for Good Friday so after some frowned-upon dancing we set out to meet the toddler's Uncle Peter and his sweet boys to go to a local playground. There was some talk from the boys of the Deutsches Museum, but I couldn't face it after yesterday.

First the toddler simply wandered around enjoying the sand for a bit.

Then she observed closely as the older boys climbed the "steps" up to the platform and towards the slide. These steps are just slippery metal bars but after watching a few times she felt brave enough to try it and after being supported up there a few times she shook off all helping hands and did it herself. She is accomplished, fearless and shaving years off my life.

Springing animals are the coolest.

Learning why we don't put our hands in nettles with Uncle Peter (relative proportions accurate). Uncle Peter's an uncle by choice rather than consanguinity/marriage and I am so pleased first that the toddler chose him and second that he was happy to be chosen. He gets on with her wonderfully well, and if his sweet and lovely boys are any indication of his influence on small people she's a very lucky toddler and we are lucky parents.

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