Thursday, 7 April 2011

Day Seven: Park

We went to the park today. Nothing special, although we did take the toddler's bike. It was a first birthday gift that she was too small for so we put it away and then it was too cold and wet for outside biking so we were saving it for a beautiful sunny day. Today was one and so off we went.

First we watched these guys playing Giant Chess. The guy bending down to play is very, very good, behind him you can see the other player's knights (two), bishops (two), queen and an assortment of pawns. He kept on playing after we'd stopped watching, beating anyone who dared play him.

There was a football game going on too, but the cycling was far cooler and the toddler didn't care about it.

Then we picked some daisies.

And then we examined every daisy patch minutely just in case the daisies were different there.

After we'd exhausted the possibilities of daisies, we moved on to poaching tennis balls from older kids. This kid really didn't want to play with her but chivalry won the day.

If this weather continues we're going to run out of parks to go to and have to repeat ourselves. What a wonderful dilemma to have.

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