Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Day Twenty-Seven: Lollihop

With the return of the prodigal Papa, the sky, or at least the local transport network, was our limit. We decided that since the weather was threatening we'd skip the outdoor option in favour of indoor soft play. It was a sensible decision in the end since the weather stopped threatening and started being outright obnoxious. Still, we were safely indoors amid primary colours and primary-age chaos.

It started fairly tame in the under-3s pen.


Inflatable slides amused her - but they're still quite small.

So off she went in search of larger things.

My toddler on a climbing wall with a three-point hold and a hand on her back purely for effect. I can't explain how proud I was.

Then we explored the trampoline (you need to turn your head or your screen sideways. Sorry.)


She stayed on the train for about 9 repetitions, which makes about 45 circles.

And I only managed to convince her to leave the train by bribing her with the police car (four repetitions).

Then some extremely healthy chicken nuggets and chips.

Back to the toddlers' pen.

Up and down and up and down and up and down....

I was worn out.

There was time for a go on the roller slide and then another 370 goes on the train and then we headed home. On the way we discovered that our train wasn't running so we had to get a replacement bus. The toddler fell asleep on the bus and we spent a couple of hours walking her around a shopping centre rather than another load into her pushchair/unload at the other end. It was extremely self-sacrificing of us.

Still not sure what tomorrow will bring. We are however looking forward to Friday and Saturday. A lot.

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