Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Day Twenty: Therme Erding (Redux)

We repeated ourselves today, partly because we had such a good time last week and partly because with Nan's capable hands as a bonus extra we'd be able to do all sorts of stuff that we didn't last time.

We went all the way up into the air and splashed down ...

we admired our pruny hands ...

We splashed Mama in the face a lot. A whole lot.

We went on age-appropriate slides ...

(I'd claim that at least one of us went on the free-fall type one but I'd be lying. We did watch some brave and foolhardy souls doing it though. Nutters.)

We stepped on jets of water!

And on the way home we went through Poing, which is almost as funny as Grub.

Busy day again today and we did far more than we have pictures of. We even got to go into the outdoor pool for a while because the weather was so glorious! Lucky us.

Yesterday's outing for the toddler was supposed to be an extra-special cool one. Her father's friends with some musicians from way back and the band was in town to perform a show. The plan was for the toddler to go on a daddy-centric day out to the soundcheck to say hello and hang out with the band (she even has a set of neon pink ear protectors!). Unfortunately her father went into hospital on Monday and wasn't able to take her in. I've refrained from making him a daily outing because it seems a bit voyeuristic even considering the daily snapshots I've been taking, but some of our days are necessarily curtailed. I'm going to decide what to do about that around Day 30.

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