Monday, 4 April 2011

Day Four: Deutsches Museum

Something I'm learning is that it's always good to have a backup plan. Today I was expecting reasonable weather and so planned accordingly but we were woken this morning by heavy rain and decided to take one of our indoor options.

The Deutsches Museum is not only handily close to our apartment but we also have a season ticket (thank you all the aunts and uncles who sent the toddler money for Christmas; this is what we did with it) and it has a large play area in the basement. So it's an ideal bad-weather choice for us. I'd planned a wander through the space travel section, but today the toddler was impatient for play and so off we went!

First, we demolished all the inferior structures ever built by previous children.

Then we abandoned the large Lego because these blocks are bigger.

Fire engines are super cool. This one has a flashing blue light and a siren.

Water tables are also a lot of fun. Try as I might, I could not capture the streams of water she poured down herself. This is probably because the water was all captured here:

The ever-practical Germans have a tumble dryer in the baby changing room, though, so we threw the wet clothes into the dryer. They also have spare clothing, which we didn't think we needed because I'd had a spare shirt kicking around my bag for ages and had thrown in a pair of pants in case she fell in the water. However, with all the best laid plans, I realised that I'd forgotten to bring socks and hers were wringing wet.

And here's her change of clothes. Ersatzkleidung indeed, please notice that she is sockless as well as uncoordinated.

So today I learned that even when I have a backup plan it's good to have thought it all the way through and my toddler learned that it is fun to empty vast amounts of water down herself.  Another good day.

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