Sunday, 10 April 2011

Day Ten: Zoo

Bit of a photography fail today; the pictures are split over two camera only one of which I know how to work. Anyway, we went to the zoo (along with just about every other family in the city, it seems). First we were shouted at by the ticket seller (we asked for a family season ticket and were told that despite being a family we're not allowed one; she gave us two adult season tickets instead and would not be swayed on the matter). Then we were almost poisoned by the food (take picnics) and then the toddler was afraid of sealions and passed out asleep before we got to the monkeys. Still, though, we had a great time - maybe the absent photos will turn up at some point in the future.

Emus! Or is the plural of emu emu?

We bought a bunch of bird-feeding pellets and fed birds. I know you can't see the birds, I like this picture because you can see that there's no barrier in this bit.

For some reason this picture will not rotate. But the metal cup on a spring was the surprise highlight.

We saw the back end of a large animal. I said, Hey, look! A little elephant's butt! Papa responded, I think it might be a rhino, actually. And he was right, although I don't know how he's familiar enough with their respective behinds to differentiate them and have decided not to ask.

Toddler on a carousel by herself. She enjoyed it so much she refused to leave without a second round.

I'm glad we have the annual passes since we only saw about half the animals before the toddler fell asleep. It seems like a sensible thing to have bought, judging by all the giggling and happy screaming we're planning to go there a LOT.

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  1. Well C says it's a brain and M says it's a rabbit. Your strange animal's butt remains a mystery.