Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Day Nineteen: Spielzuegmuseum

You'd think a museum about toys would be somewhere easily accessible by toddler. Not so! The Spielzuegmuseum is inconveniently located at the top of a spiral staircase and spread across several floors all accessed by spiral staircase. And it is surprisingly cool.

Today's special guest (appearing in no photos by special request) is the toddler's grandmother, known as Nan. They've been amusing themselves together all day (right now one is bathing the other, although I'm willing to bet they'll both be similarly soaked by the time they're finished) and they had a wonderful time at the museum.

Nan and the toddler started out by abusing my shoes. I'm really not ready to share them.

This is a display of stuffed animals. The ever-contrary toddler was most impressed by the metal coach in the middle, although she insisted on calling it, "CAR".

This bear's had an X-Ray. I think that's kind of cool, and so did she.

Creepy disembodied dolls' heads

Still not as creepy as a muzzled toy bear. I wonder what happens in this museum at night?

The toddler liked the robots too, although again most of them were CARs.

She's dressed the same as the Barbie to her left (your right), except we left her hat at home.

Peeking at me through the cabinet.

And while this isn't part of the museum we stopped off for playtime on the way home anyway.

It's been nineteen days and we've been out every day even if just to get groceries or walk around the block. And while I am desperate for a day in my jammies reading That's Not My ... [Whatever] a million times, I am noticing that the toddler is sleeping better and is much more engaged in the world. And this really was my aim. Her vocabulary is improving too; now we just have to teach her that not everything enclosed with wheels is a CAR, and that CARS can be observed in an inside voice.

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