Saturday, 16 April 2011

Day Sixteen: Karlsplatz with Bubbles

We'd planned a trip to the park today, taking along some bubbles for maximum enjoyment. Imagine the horror when we discovered that we had no bubble liquid! We needed to head over to a toy shop to get some, obviously, but once it was safely purchased the toddler was too impatient to actually go to a park. Besides, there were loads of kids running around Karlsplatz (where the toyshop is conveniently located) and she wanted to join in.

First we had to stop to take care of one of Papa's errands. The chairs were desperately uncomfortable, but the toddler liked playing with them.

Bubbles bought and off to join the hordes!

This poor toddler couldn't quite climb up on the shiny block. She gave it the best go she could.

And then we broke out the bubbles! We have about 40 pictures of the bubbles and none of them turned out. Impossible.

Sadly our adventure was curtailed by the appearance of a large group of Neo-Nazis and the police close on their heels. We have high hopes for tomorrow and homemade cheese and ham muffins to make up for our short playtime today.

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