Thursday, 14 April 2011

Day Fourteen: Toys R Us

I thought I might have been asking for trouble, taking an excitable toddler into the largest Toys R Us in Europe. But it came with glowing recommendations from other parents who assured me that it was full of stuff for kids to play on and they were encouraged to test out the toys and so off we went.

We started off by exploring with a pushchair. She seemed to really enjoy herself with it.

Her fascination with the potty shelf gives me hope.

There was a whole village of little houses and she had fun choosing her favourite. I think the front garden swung it for this one.

Then we tried out some cars...

She preferred the Ferrari to the Mini Cooper, but it was a close thing and she tested each of them more than once.

Then she tried out the baby slide but found it uninspiring.

She fell in love with this one instead.

All the excitement wore her out. This is an Epic Meltdown; count yourselves lucky I didn't film that.


  1. aww looks like you had a great time

  2. Looks like fun. Except the meltdown, obviously. That is some very careful climbing and sliding :)

  3. Oh I'm glad you went! We have to go back there soon. Nice way to pass some time, meanwhile "newing" up your old toys. I took Edie to Edeka. Don't think I'll show her the slide video in case she's into comparisons...