Monday, 18 April 2011

Day Eighteen: Ladies Lunching

We have a favourite place to go for lunch, the toddler and I. It's not too far away, has a buffet-type selection to suit even the fussiest child's palate and most excitingly it has a little indoor play area complete with Very High Slide. I like their high chairs, too.

The toddler's been out of sorts today though so it hasn't been our happiest trip out. It started as we were leaving home and she refused to walk down any steps at all. It continued as she glowered at people in the train and by the time we arrived at our destination I was surprised people weren't collapsing in the street from the force of her death-stare.

Still. Our arrival at the buffet perked her up enough that she was happy to point to her preferred veg and we handed her choice over to the cook. He stands there all day taking bowls of veg from people, stir frying them, then adding the customer's choice of pasta sauce and pasta. He's clearly a saint.

This is our (her, mostly) lovely lunch. I really like Le Buffet because they cook the pasta veg in a wok and it always has a bit of a smoky taste. The toddler likes it too.

At least, normally she likes it. Today she doesn't like anything. See that grumpy face?

Also, please note the tomatoey pasta and total lack of bib or shirt covering. This is progress in action. (Please don't zoom.)

After lunch we went into the play area and she headed straight for the slide. Unusually for her, she was too grumpy to engage with the other two kids already there.

So after a couple of token goes on the slide

she repaired to the touch-screen computer bit and proceeded to play Spot The Difference like a champ. Or else she randomly pushed areas of the screen until it rewarded her with prizes. One of those.

This is the first day she's really been cranky; one out of eighteen isn't so bad I suppose. Let's hope tomorrow's mood is much improved!

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