Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Day Six: Ikea

You might think this is another copout sort of day, and it really wasn't. For one thing, it wore the toddler out so comprehensively that she hasn't stirred in three hours of naptime and it is rapidly encroaching upon bedtime. For another, it requires a train and a bus, each way, both of which she thinks are ridiculously cool. For another on top of that, she thinks it's a fantastic place to have lunch and it has a collection of cool toys and things to play with plus all manner of mirrors to admire herself in.

The train journey was fun. We sang songs and ate fruit.

We had to wait for Papa to return some stuff. Luckily the lady at the Ikea Family section has a flight of stairs that go nowhere. Those are really exciting, you can go up and down them!

Mamaaaaaa, I'm hungry!

I think this is why she likes Ikea so much. This ever so tasty meal comes with a dessert too (not pictured because once she sees it all meatballs are summarily dropped floorwards).

The post-prandial play area is ship-themed. Arrrrr, me hearties!

ARRRRR, ye scurvy landlubber, I caught a fish off the starboard bow and it was this big!

There are things inside all these portholes. I think this is the one that has actual fish.

See? Mirrors. Queen Narcissa plays solo peekaboo.

She's very taken with these child-sized chairs. Maybe one day she'll get one.

The Trofast at home is where all her treasures are kept. She inspects the Ikea ones just in case.

And here's the bus stop. Buses are incredibly cool, their wheels go round and round, round and round, round and round.

We were at Ikea because we needed to repair a broken item and needed Ikea bits, and because we needed to return something. Even so, it was a fun day for small children as well as a productive one for grown-ups. (Bets currently being taken on how long the repair will take...)

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