Thursday, 21 April 2011

Day Twenty-One: Deutsches Museum Revisited

The toddler's Nan claimed never to have been to the Deutsches Museum (I suspect she has and has forgotten) and we wanted to stay fairly central today so we went back there. It was a decidedly different visit this time, however: we went for the exhibits rather than the playground.

We saw the inside of a really big boat.

And the outside of a beautifully painted one.

Running about amid aeroplane engines and smaller replicas.

Admiring the outdoor boat. There's a windmill behind it but that's closed off.

Giant satellite dishes are fun, but playing on fences is far more fun. She managed to sit down on a second-floor one of these so her feet were dangling into space. I may have lost all the years of my life I've been hanging onto by not smoking.

She joined in this nice lady's careful rendition of a heart. I like to think it is because she wanted to tell me she loves me.

I have no idea what this is, it seems to be an LED rabbit of some sort.

The model railway kept her enthralled until the end of the show.

We went to the cafe for an ice cream at this point and the poor toddler, overtired and apparently suffering the intestinal effects of far too many grapes during the day, had a meltdown so epic that it was suggested we leave. It's not the first time one of her meltdowns has had us thrown out of somewhere (thanks Starbucks Sendlinger Tor, December 2009) but I fervently hope it will be the last.

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