Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Day Twenty-Six: Tourist Trails

We've not wanted to stray too far from the hospital for the past week and we were starting to run out of things to do locally, so today we did some tourist attractions around the centre of town.

We started out at Marienplatz, arriving just in time to see the Glockenspiel. Here it is in full swing:

Impressive, right? Apparently it's been voted one of the most overrated tourist attractions in Europe.

She agrees, although the sheer number of people who gather multiple times a day to watch it do its interminable, out of tune thing boggles the mind.

We made an emergency stop for the toddler's Nan to buy some clothes. She is pathologically incapable of walking past a C&A. It must be an age thing.

And then a refreshing stop for a drink and some lunch.

And a stop at the Frauenkirche to admire their beautifully carved door and the gravestones stuck into the walls. Fascinating stuff.

So exciting in fact that this was the end result. Zzzz.

Hopefully something more resembling normal service will resume tomorrow, we're hoping to have Papa home soon or at least know what's going on a bit more. We have a fair number of days out we planned and didn't get to because of Papa's unscheduled illness so no doubt those will continue after the 30 days are up. Probably not every day though - I have scheduled the 1st of May at home. In my jammies. Possibly eating nothing but cookies.

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